Forms are Ace!

Well.. they can be if the benefits of the form are clear, the target audience identified, and the data delivered somewhere useful.. otherwise they are poo!

In any case, we are here to make sure they don’t become the latter. We have been doing heaps of work with forms this year, and on how to turn them into something truly useful.

We can’t overstate the impact a well planned set of data capture tools can have on your business. Seriously, a good implementation can save you tons of time, and dramatically improve customer service and retention.

We are all familiar with the regular ‘form to email’ scenario, but with current technologies we can do so much more. We can connect web forms to third party data services, and rapidly deploy custom tools to improve productivity.

Then there is connecting to SMS gateways or other push notification services, and conditional logic whereby the user is directed down different selection pathways based on their previous choices. Or ‘conversational’ navigation where we direct users to web content based on the options selected in a form. In addition, soon customers will be able to complete and submit forms using their voice!

The possibilities are endless!

We can deploy forms and related data management tools really quickly, so they are very affordable. We can also retrofit them to any web project.