Does your web host offer one touch Disaster Recovery?

This is an important question, and a large chunk of our business is built on being able to answer it confidently.. YES!

New clients often consider our business to be niche, but they quickly realise that the services and support we offer are essential.

We (ByteWrite) are essentially where you end up after you’ve come to the painful realisation that hosting isn’t ‘just hosting’, and a ‘web site’ is an asset that requires more care and attention than you’d been led to believe. Often, new clients are referred to us by other web designers to fix issues that they haven’t been able to resolve themselves.

There are a myriad of reasons that might trigger a request for data recovery, but the two most common are IMAP email accounts that have fallen over, and Malware and other website hacks or breaches.

When we are faced with these issues, the first question we ask the client is “does your web hosting account have a Disaster Recovery service?”. Sadly, with discount hosting services the answer is invariably no!

Unfortunately, this means that we can’t roll the service back to a point just before the issue occurred, and therefore the data is lost. In the case of a hacked website, this results in a costly cleanup or rebuild.

This is where a Disaster Recovery tool like Acronis comes into its own!

It’s rarely used but incredibly re-assuring to know it’s there. We simply login to your hosting account and open Acronis, select a datapoint anywhere from one to two hours ago, right out to a month ago, then browse for the directory, file, email account or database we want to recovery.. and then click ‘go’!

Once the selected data set is recovered, we can then completed mitigation works, or advise you on how to prevent the issue being repeated in future.

Please see the video below for a quick overview of how Acronis works.